Unleashed Tune Up Course

Unleashed Tune Up Course

Self-paced learning for better business

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Get the most out of your Unleashed with the Unleashed Tune Up Course designed for existing users of Unleashed.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course the student will have:

  • Identified the best processes for their business.
  • Designed documents to suit their processes
  • Utilised all of the unused parts of their Unleashed effectively
  • Designed, built and distributed performance reports

What do I need?

You’ll need an existing Unleashed account with administrator access to complete this course.

This course takes between 8 – 10 hours to complete and is best followed over the duration of 4 -5 weeks at  hours each week.

What am I going to get from this course?

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Module One - Choose your Processes

Module Two - Inventory Optimisation

Module Three - Designing your Documents

Module Four - Unleashed Integrations & Hacks

Module Five - Reporting for Success

Programme Wrap Up

Module 1: Choose your Processes

    • Simple Order: Full shipment, full invoice, stock held on hand
    • Sell First, Purchase then Dispatch
    • Reserved Stock
    • Full Order Management, part-ship, part invoice, picking list
    • Batch Tracking – Inwards and Outwards Goods
    • Serialised products
    • Enabling Batch Tracking & Serialisation
    • Single Stage Manufacturing
    • Purchase, Sell, Manufacture, Dispatch
    • Sell, Purchase, Manufacture then dispatch
    • Kitting & Zero-Stage Manufacturing
    • Reactive Manufacturing (with batch numbers)
    • Multi-Stage Manufacturing
    • Enabling Order Management
    • Rolling out your changes

Module 2: Unleashing your Unleashed

  • Improving your Product List
    • Product Groups
    • The importance of UoM and Pack Size
    • Product-based taxes
    • Assembled and Component Products
  • Improving your Supplier Ordering
    • default supplier for products, loading supplier product code, loading supplier pricing
    • Using ‘tab’ to enter line items
  • Utilising Minimum/Maximum Stock Levels using the Eyeball Method
    • Calculating reorder points
    • Forecasting future demand
    • Calculating safety stock
    • Calculating lead time (Historical supplier results by product)
    • Calculating Inventory Turnover (Decimal)
  • Tune Up Your Customer List & Speed up your Deliveries
    • Customer Types
    • All customers are taxable, some at a zero rate
    • Using the Region field
    • Address name = ‘Physical Address’ or ‘Postal Address’
    • Using multiple contacts
    • Defaulting a warehouse for regional dispatching
    • Custom Document templates for international customers
  • BOM’s and Assemblies
    • Check your BOM’s for UoMs and costs
    • Using Wastage quantities
    • Using disassemblies
  • Stocktake and Stock on Hand
    • Methods and frequency of Stocktaking
  • Stock adjustments
    • How to do a stock adjustment
    • When to use them
    • The reasons
    • Explaining cost of sales codes
  • Multiple delivery addresses
    • When to use them
    • How to set them up
    • How to report on them
  • Pricing and Promotion
    • What stock do I have too much of?
    • Who buys this stock, how often and at what price?

Module 3: Document Designer

  • How to use the document designer
    • Easy to use, but will take you about 4 – 5 hours
    • Update the font (make it bigger and make it consistent)
    • How to update the product grid
  • Doc Designer Top Tips
    • How to make the template the default
    • Use multiple tabs to refer back to the first one you make
    • Duplicate, don’t build from scratch
    • Start with the Invoice, copy back to the Sales Order and Quote

Module 4: Unleashed Hacks

  • Reconciling stock between Xero and Unleashed
  • Applying an estimated labour overhead to your manufacturing – Option 1
  • Applying an estimated labour overhead to your manufacturing – Option 2
  • Deposits in Unleashed
  • Sales Order field
  • Selling stock on consignment
  • Holding stock on consignment
  • Leasing in Unleashed
  • Selling services
  • Subcontracted services
  • Scheduling your assemblies
  • Measuring Excise Tax
  • Measuring Yield
  • Doc Designer: Quantity Box on Pick list
  • Putting backorders on your invoices
  • Delivery address list
  • Is Barcoding for me?

Module 5: Reporting for Success

  • Customising Reports
  • Quote Conversion
  • Unit Sales Enquiry
    • Sparklines
    • Min/Max Order Quantities
    • Customer Behaviour
  • Purchase Enquiry
    • Supplier Lead Time
  • Setting Minimum and Maximum Order Quantities
  • Reorder Report
    • Low stock alerts
    • High stock alerts
    • Stock turn
  • Margin Reporting
    • Customer Margin
    • Product Group Margin
    • Sales Person > Product Group
    • Channel
  • The Backorder Enquiry
    • What needs shipping
    • What needs invoicing
    • What are we waiting on?
  • Link Reporting Template


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