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Course Description:

Get up to speed faster with this Vend User Course. This course is designed for people either new to Vend or wanting to improve their knowledge with practical how-to advice specific to their role.

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Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course the student will have the skills necessary to perform their role in the most efficient means possible. The student will also gain an overview of the navigation and wider objectives of Vend and how their role fit into this.

What do I need?

Prior to starting this course you will need to be added to your organization’s Vend by an administrator with permissions appropriate to your role. You will need some good headphones or a quiet place to concentrate along with a reliable internet connection. We recommend conducting the activities with real examples to provide greater context to the lessons. This course is expected to take 6-8 hours depending on your role and is best completed in 2 hour bursts across 2-4 days.

What am I going to get from this course?

All Staff:

  • How to login to Vend
  • Overview of the sales screen
  • How to search for a product
  • How to add and edit a customer
  • How to conduct a sale
  • How to apply a discount to a sale
  • How and when to park a sale
  • How and when to layby a sale
  • How to find sales on account
  • How to view historical sales
  • How to redeem a gift card
  • How to do returns and refunds
  • What to do if you can’t find a product
  • The importance of selecting correct payment types

Store Manager:

  • Closing the register
  • How to view register closures
  • How to add and edit a supplier
  • How to add and edit a product
  • How to add and edit product variants
  • How to create a stock order
  • How to receive your stock
  • How to print product labels
  • How to transfer stock between outlets
  • How to do a stocktake
  • 3 Great Store reports you need to know

Vend Administrator:

  • Understanding the Xero integration
  • Adding and removing staff members
  • Reconciling on-account sales in Xero
  • Importing new products from a .csv
  • How to set up price books
  • An Overview of the Retail Dashboard
  • 3 Great Performance Reports you need to know

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