WorkflowMax Implementation Course

WorkflowMax Implementation Course

Self-paced learning for better business

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Not using WorkflowMax? This course is designed to get you up and running with Workflowmax while avoiding the common mistakes we see.

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Course Description:

The course allows the member to competently and confidently set up WorkflowMax specific to their business. It covers everything between kickoff to intro training using our unique implementation methods.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course the student will have successfully implemented WorkflowMax specific to their industry and business processes. The student will have the correct configuration, customisation and processes from which to realise the key benefits of:

  • Reduced triplication of work
  • Improved financial and non financial reporting
  • Project and job profitability reporting

What do I need?

The student will need access to a credit card to subscribe their WorkflowMax. The student will also need ready access to stakeholders such as Directors, Project Managers and Staff.

This course involves approximately 20 hours work completed over the course of 4 – 6 weeks.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Getting Started (Includes PDF)
    • Preparing your project plan
    • Collecting your data
    • Setup up a WorkflowMax trial
  • Pick your Process From Tune Up
    • All processes industry specific
  • Setting up WorkflowMax
    • Organisation Settings
    • Client Settings
    • Tasks
    • Costs
    • Job Categories
    • Job States
    • Job Templates
    • Logos
    • Custom Fields
    • Collaboration Manager
  • Setting up Lead Manager
    • Overview of the lead manager
    • Other uses for the lead manager
  • Running your Pilot
    • Understanding your types of jobs
    • Running through each type of job in WorkflowMax
    • Run some reports
    • Run payroll report
    • Make the decision to proceed
  • Document Design From Tune Up
  • Entering real data
    • Xero Integration (Connect, then disconnect)
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Costs
    • Adding Staff
  • Developing your Internal Process Document
    • Explanation of the document and how to customise
  • Staff Training (Doesn’t cover quotes, invoices or reporting)
    • Explanation of training and who should watch what
    • Introduction (what the system is used for – assumes already using Xero)
    • 20 minute overview of WorkflowMax
    • How to login
    • How to do your timesheets
    • How to add a cost to a job
    • How to add a purchase order to a job
    • Adding notes and documents to a job
  • Loading your Current Jobs
    • Overview of loading jobs (Different ways to approach it – for example, finish jobs in current system or load them into WorkflowMax)
    • Loading an existing job (Load budget, load WIP, load invoice to date)
    • How to approach loading lots of jobs (use a spreadsheet – provide the spreadsheet for them with an example)
    • Updating jobs states and categories
    • Inviting staff into jobs
  • Top Tips
    • My staff can’t do timesheets
    • My invoice is not showing the right amount to invoice
    • Invoicing multiple jobs
  • Wrap Up of Course
    • WorkflowMax Tune Up up-sell

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