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Co-founder of Link Academy and a one of the world’s leading cloud integrators. Reuben has met with over 1,000 business owners to recommend, configure, train and support them with cloud app implementations. He has a direct yet playful training style that is as concise as it is engaging.

Five years ago while working as an accountant I saw the business landscape change dramatically. Something important was happening in the way people were using technology to run their businesses. Technology that was once expensive to purchase, maintain and train was now available at a low monthly fee. You no longer had to pay for features you didn’t use and it was easier to use the features you needed.

Seemingly overnight a network of hundreds of inter-connected apps appeared revolving around accounting systems that allowed people to extend and build amazing technology platforms specifically for their businesses. Small and medium businesses could now compete against the giants of their industries.

With a foundation in accounting and technology I saw an opportunity to provide to business owners all over the world everything accounting was not: timely, relevant and reliable financial and non-financial information delivered to the right people at the right time so they can make better decisions, faster.

1,000 businesses and 200 implementations later my vision has never wavered: business owners doing more with less using the right cloud apps for their businesses. I remained at the forefront of this industry by staying on top of emerging apps, features and technologies.

I will help you to select the right combination of apps to use, how to set them up successfully for your business and how to train your team to make you a leader in your industry.

Hourly Support

$250 NZD per hour

Hourly support is for Link Academy members would like some one-on-one time with me. I can also meet with non Academy members so don’t be shy to reach out.

Personal Coaching


I work with a maximum of 5 clients for monthly coaching. We put together a strategic plan and meet fortnightly to review progress and tweak the plan.

Speaking Event


I am available to speak at special events on the topic of your choice. I can also work with you to find the topic that will be most engaging for the audience.

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